episode 5: insure me & take my money (please?!)

June 3, 2016

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It’s rare that you delve into the exclusions of an insurance certificate before you actually have to make a claim (it’s then that you learn that insurance companies are sneaky). Travel insurance will probably cover you no problem while you are lying on the beach, but probably won’t cover whatever actions you take after you’ve had 4 cocktails at the all-inclusive. Read the certificates. I'm serious. 

Now think what your insurance company does when you tell them, “Hey, can you insure me for a road trip in a shitty car through 20+ countries that I’m doing to raise money for charity? I promise we aren’t racing. I promise we are good drivers. I promise, we aren’t being paid and I promise we’ll be safe!”

You know what they all say, of course: “Something happens, you’re on your own,” Or else, “Sorry, we can’t insure you since you have already left your home province,” or, “We can’t insure you because you are not a resident of the UK/AUS/NZ/EU.” 

As I sat there sweating for hours in a Spanish McDonald’s, freeloading their free wifi, the situation became clear: 18 companies contacted and only 2 had any potential. I have not solved this one.

But, there was a moment of triumph during my bout in McDonald’s. Shane popped on with, “Louise has been inspected. She passed. She is insured until June 2017 and she is 100% road-worthy.” Whether she will remain in such fantastic shape is an entirely different story, but we will try to be nice to her. She’s already come so far. I’m already proud of her. I haven’t even met her. 

Cheers from Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

Read next: Episode 6

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