episode 4: super immunity

May 22, 2016

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I've never had to get a vaccine abroad. This makes me a very lucky person. I opted to get a few before the Rally.

The upfront costs of the Mongol Rally are (I am hoping) the bulk of the costs. Because they have been extortionate. Vaccines and visas are sucking my dollars into a black hole and I know I'm not the only one.

The big vaccine for the rally is Tick Borne Encephalitis... which I'm just simply not getting. It's not available in the States so all the Americans are fretting over, "What if we only get the first shot in London, will that do anything?" Doubtful. Wear long pants?

The other vaccines we've collectively been infected with are re-dos of Typhoid, Polio boosters, Typhoid pills (Sweden has these - I'd never heard of them), Hep A boosters, Tetanus shots and the other big one: Rabies. Rabies shots are delivered on Day 0, Day 7 and Day 21 which is really pushing my limit on how long I stay in one place. I squished it into 18 days.

Shane and Eric have the blessing and curse of the student life and the student discount for their vaccines while I shelled out the full Swiss price. All my visa applications are complete. The light at the end of the visa paperwork tunnel is blinding. I've been granted 10 days in Azerbaijan and supposedly, 2 entries into Russia. 

But I don't really know since my passport is somewhere between Luzern and Zurich, bouncing off of mailboxes and I'm flying to Portugal this evening. Oops.

Meanwhile Eric hasn't applied for the Azeri or Russian visas and is still waiting on his residency in Sweden so he can do the Russian one in person.

And finally, the donations have begun! We have raised 165GBP for Cool Earth (33% of the goal) and $200 for Engineers Without Borders (21% of the goal). 

Cheers from Nänikon, Switzerland.

Read next: Episode 5

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