episode 2: the countdown is on, visas at 60%

April 29, 2016

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We can't agree on what to call her. I want to call her Lissy and Shane wants to call her Louise and Eric in true Eric-fashion doesn't like either of those names and probably wants to call her Anti-Matter 2.0.

It's a 1998 Opel Corsa ECO with 180,000km on it. The colour... like someone ate a few too many gold flakes and then puked it all up. Does it purr like a kitten? No. Absolutely not.

I guess I should mention the vehicle failed Swedish vehicle inspection. Eric took it all the way to Copenhagen and it almost became a tricycle when a wheel nearly fell off. The springs on the front need to be replaced and there's an oil leak... but the location has yet to be identified.

It cost us a whopping $940CAD. If I had to guess, I'm prepared to spend the same amount keeping it running. 

An update on the visas... they are coming. We think. We hope. Azerbaijan and Russia are still "in process". An update on vaccines... the boys are procrastinating and I've been jabbed with fake rabies and tetanus while giving up on tick-borne encephalitis, so hopefully the ticks will just stay away. So I'm half safe, and maybe sorry. 

Cheers from Nänikon, Switzerland

Read next: Episode 3

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