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  1. over the alps

    05 Sep 2015

    Here is my route from Paris to Menton (it’s not exact, Google won’t display bike coverage) On my way out of Paris I biked past a homeless man who was sleeping in a tent pitched in a bike lane. Is that legal? Can I do that? I struggled out of…

  2. 8,015km: italy, switzerland & excess tornanti

    05 Sep 2015

    Here is my route from Menton, France to where I am now The Mediterranean heat was unbearable and I headed north to flee the heat and vacationing tourists into… nothing. Long distances between waterspouts and further distances between grocery stores had me stealing grapes from vineyards. The freak storms that…

  3. holland, belgium & france

    05 Sep 2015

    Here is my route from Giethoorn to where I am now. This is Google’s route. I took a few detours due to construction and Google being less than ideal. A Dutch cyclist told me he doesn’t use Google anymore: “Google thinks that your goal is Point B, but really, the…

  4. iceland ii: the name of the wind

    05 Sep 2015

    After recharging in Reykjavík (one day and two entire packages of pasta), I set out on my backwards adventure north along the west coast. In Hvalfjörður, “whale fjord”, I set up in Hvammsvík I had no urge to make an attempt at going further north than the western peninsula, The…

  5. iceland: round i

    05 Sep 2015

    I’m calling it a round because it was a battle I lingered long enough in Reykjavík to eat half my weight in world-famous hot dogs, which took about two days and two hot dogs. I then set out southeast, had a grand old time on a freeway trying to get…

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