I grew up on the west coast of Canada and call the temperate rainforests, mountains and beaches that border the Pacific Ocean, home. 

I graduated from the UBC in 2015, and wiithin a week of my last exam I'd packed a bike into a cardboard box and flown across the Atlantic to pedal against freezing cold Icelandic wind. 

What started as a four month excursion launched me 8,000km+ through nine countries in Europe. I left my bike in Switzerland and continued my travels with a backpack.

Since then I've sailed, backpacked, hiked, motorcycled and road tripped through Croatia, the majority of South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, the States, England, a few sporadic countries in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, most of the Stans, Russia and India.

It’s not really a trip, a break or a vacation. It’s just developing a worldview by the simplest and most effective means possible: see the world. 

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