the basics

So maybe you don't have a backpack and you've got a bunch of student debt. So maybe you're addicted to Starbucks' pumpkin spiced lattes every morning and new boots every Autumn to match them. So maybe you're tied into a work contract for the next 3 years and then tied into a promotion and then, and then... 

I've laid out every little thing I can think of to help you make travel dreams reality. The first step is to morph the dreams into plans, and once you have those... mix with 4 cups of hard work (you're already doing that), a heaping tablespoon of prioritizing, two pinches of sacrifice and a sprinkling of resolve... and ta-da. You're on a plane to your bucket list destination. 

if you're starting from scratch...

the security guide

the backpack guide

the packing guide

the photography guide

the money stuff...

how to be a couchsurfing pro

the hitchhiking guide

the cheap accommodation guide

how much does travel really cost?

people from paris are kind of in seine.

Oh boy, if you've scrolled down this far you probably haven't found what you're looking for. My bad. The good news is this page is still under construction, but email me your question and I'll answer it as best I can and add it to the content of this page!

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