I grew up on the west coast of Canada and call the temperate rainforests, mountains and beaches that border the Pacific Ocean, home. 

I graduated from the University of British Columbia (BASc) in April 2015. Within a week of my last exam, I'd packed a bike into a cardboard box and flown across the Atlantic to follow strong, freezing cold, Icelandic wind. 

What started as a four month excursion launched me 8,015km through nine countries in Western Europe. I left my bike in Switzerland and continued my travels with boots and a backpack.

Since then I've sailed, backpacked, hiked, motorcycled and road tripped through Croatia, the majority of South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, the States, England, a few sporadic countries in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, most of the Stans, Russia and India.

It’s not a trip, a break or a vacation. It’s just a mission to develop a world view by the simplest and most effective means possible: see the world. 



Raise funds for Cool Earth and Engineers Without Borders as a participant of the Mongol Rally 2016. 

Cool Earth works with villages and communities who live on the front lines of rainforest destruction, creating sustainable partnerships that protect the rainforest. 

Engineers Without Borders works with communities to provide innovative solutions to meet basic human needs all over the world. They provide learning opportunities to engineering students and volunteers tackling real-world problems, while ensuring they're solutions are implemented in a sustainable way.

you can too

Long-term, low-budget travel is achievable, safe and something you will never regret. 

Although many people dream of traveling the world, very few manage it. Mortgages, children, career paths and promotions all seem to materialize before the opportune moment has appeared. When there is a will there's a way. It is not a matter of waiting for the right time, it's a matter of prioritization.

The world is small and the farthest corners of it are waiting to be seen, felt, touched and tasted. 

Start with your backyard, but the sky is limit. Literally. Trust fund, not required. Leap of faith, mandatory.

show & tell

Share the world through images that capture authentic feelings, experiences and places.

A picture says 1,000 words, but a blog can fit more. While some photos speak for themselves, others have stories that need to be told.

The image of the hiker at the peak of a mountain is beautiful, but the ascent is usually hidden. Unfortunately, the ascent takes all day, or maybe all week. The peak is just a side story. 

The blog is updated at least once a month with travel destinations and stories accompanied by photos from the road, whether the road was perfect pavement, dirt or just a muddy path.

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