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Episode 13: The Vauxhall Encore

The roads climbed and then degraded to rough gravel and construction zones. We flew by massive trucks on skinny roads. By the time night fell we were so close to Afghanistan that we could throw a rock and it would land in another country. The road was narrow enough that only one vehicle could fit down it. The road was a straight drop into the river and the other side was a dirt cliff. Civil engineer that I am, I can tell everyone with the highest confidence that those slopes were not engineered. I would not sign off on those slopes. No sir. Trench inspection failed. I could see tension cracks all over the place, just waiting for an opportune moment to break free. Nick said cheerily, “At least it’s a soft landing!”


Episode 12: The Uzbek Engine Fizzle

The key turned. The starter chirped. And chirped and chirped… no bueno. There was no compression, the engine would not turn on. Now the desert looked a lot less friendly. I thought of the spider at the Door to Hell. This looked a lot more like a big deal. In due time our friends, Team French in Normandy, showed up and asked what was up. These people are the best. When we figured there was no fixing the car on the spot, they offered to tow us. But do you think we had a tow rope? Nah. French to the rescue once again: clothesline and bungee cords. Whatever it takes. Leave no Rallier behind.


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Riding Motorcycles Across the States

"When I left home last May, I didn’t think I’d be coming back to North America for anything. Flying all the way across the Atlantic for a month seemed stupid. And the cherry of stupidity on top: spending the most money you have ever dropped in a single purchase on a motorcycle you have never seen, let alone ridden. Ideas went flying all over the place between us. Mexico. Iceland. Europe. Anywhere." Read more...

One Year Gone: This is not a Hiatus

"'You coming home yet?', a question that is becoming ever more frequently asked, and part of me wishes I could say, 'Yeah, do you mind picking me up at YVR?' But another part silently snarls, Not a chance. Come find me and I’ll show you why." Read more...

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